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Poker Bettor Presents: Best Starting Hands

Poker Starting Hands

Holdem poker tournaments are one of the fastest ways to earn money fast and risk-free, if you gamble at licensed poker sites, that is. At Poker Bettor, we’ve made sure to provide you only with trusted poker rooms recommendations, so you won’t need to worry about anything else but your poker bettor strategy. Speaking of which, make sure to know your odds and starting hands, as these two facts will help you earn more money and faster.

The best poker bettor starting hands are:

High pairs: AA, KK, QQ, JJ, and 1010.

Ace and high same suites: AK, AQ, AJ, and A10.

Suited face-cards: KQ, KJ, and QJ.

Ace and King (AK).

Average poker bettor starting hands are:

Face card and ten suited: K10, Q10, and J10.

Medium pairs: 99, 88, and 77.

High cards: AQ, AJ, A 10, KQ, KJ, K10, QJ, Q10, and J10.

Ace and Medium card suited: A9, A8, and A7.

Medium suited connecting cards: J9, 109, 108, 98, 97, 87, 86, 76, and 75.

Satisfactory poker starting hands are:

Low pairs: 66, 55, 44, 33, and 22.

Ace and suited low cards: A6, A5, A4, A3, and A2.

Low suited connecting cards: 65, 64, 54, and 53.

If you’re a beginner poker bettor, don’t worry! Print out the article and use it until you memorize the hands. Remember that online poker is beneficial in more ways than one. Free bonuses, for example, will allow you to polish your strategy faster and with ease (not to mention for free). Bonuses are reloaded on a regular basis, so all you need to do is collect them as they come and use them to your benefit.

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Being a successful online poker is loads of fun (not to mention – profitable). Make sure to enjoy every step to poker glory, and we at Poker Bettor will help you get there fast. Simply choose a poker online casino that suits your needs from the list of licensed poker rooms recommended at Poker Bettor. All payouts guaranteed and no strings attached! Play poker in the best casinos on the web – for free!

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Welcome to Poker Bettor!

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Welcome to Poker Bettor, your favorite place on the web if you’re eager to become a professional bettor. Read our tips and strategies, practice discipline, and become self-confident! We recommend our sites for the best betting deals. So sign up and play to earn! Which online game do you prefer? There are many opportunities, and just any casino game you may think of. The benefits of betting from the comfort of your own home are many. Our market is on the rise, so hurry up and join us!

3 Betting rules

However, gambling can be risky so thread carefully. Just remember to apply the same rules when betting online as you would normally do. Memorize these three rules and you them well:

1. stick to a budget that you can afford;
2. If you are being emotional, don’t bet;
3. Do not chase your losses.

Will power will lead to success. Even if the game you play mainly relies on luck rather than on skill, remember to keep your cool. If you are having a bad day, you are strongly advised to stop playing.

Online card games and bonuses

If you’re having trouble deciding which game to choose, but are mostly into it for money, try online card games. Poker or blackjack is usually the best choice. These games can be potentially lucrative and offer free bonuses, on top of that. When you sign up at an online poker room, a free deposit bonus waits for you. You are strongly advised to read the terms and conditions of the target online poker room before signing up as sums and conditions vary. You may freely gamble as much as you want and not worry about security issues. Your security is our priority!

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